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Your organization's learning space

LearnAla is your personalized platform that facilitates creation and management of content and courses, measurement of results and optimization of your organization's time and resources.

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Improve your proceses around online learning

Create and centralize your courses with ease

Intuitive and flexible tools to create interactive courses that your community can access in one place.

Automate the creation of certificates

Efficient control of users, roles, permissions and access to courses.

Download and share

Real-time reporting on usage and learning results, user history, records and data for decision making.

Simplify your educational operation

LearnAla is a friendly and responsive platform that adapts to any amount of users.

Facilitate your operation by centralizing your content, automating tasks, and better managing your learning space.

Deliver interactive, visually appealing programs in an efficient and scalable manner.

Casos de éxito

"LearnAla es una plataforma flexible, innovadora, fácil de usar y un excelente medio para compartir conocimientos".

- Amox Tochan

Adapt your learning space to your needs 

  • Onboarding

  • Certifications

  • Training

  • Upskilling

  • Courses

  • Classes

  • Workshops

  • Educational Programs

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